Release Date: 02/12/1966
Released by:Daiei Films
Directed by:Mori Issei

Plot Summary: Tokugawa Ieyasu`s dreams have come true – he rules the entire land with his son Hidetada as Shogun in residence in Edo. However, Ieyasu really gives the orders from his castle at Sunpu.

In his sickbed, Ieyasu receives word from the priest Tenkai, that he is supremely powerful, but Ieyasu mentions that the Sanada clan ninja are still a threat because they will never give up. He suggests that the Fuma ryuu ninja may be able to fight the Iga ninja and reveals that he has summoned them to Sunpu.

The bodies of several executed ninja are removed from the execution grounds by a ninja using a smokescreen as cover.

As Saizou pays his respects at their graves, Karasu Sagenta thanks Saizou for retrieving the bodies and reiterates their desire to kill Ieyasu. The two disappear into an underground tunnel where their leader – Yatoji – reveals that they are the last of the ninja fighting against the Tokugawa regime. The kunoichi (female ninja) Akane reportst that Fuma Daijuro is coming with 30 men to protect Ieyasu. Yatoji says that this is a great opportunity for the remaining Iga ninja to show how powerful they are and then performs a kuji ritual.

The Fuma ninja meet with Ieyasu to make sure they can protect him. The ninja give a demonstration of their soujutsu (spear) and kajutsu (fire techniques) and Daijuro assures the daimyou that he will defeat the Iga ninja.

Akane uses her kunoichi skills to get some information about the interior of Ieyasu`s castle called O-oku where they think the daimyou`s bedchamber may be located. She later gives this information to Saizou. As they talk, Saizou asks Akane why she became a kunoichi even though the female ninja are not considered to be as skilled as `real` ninja. She responds that it was her destiny to become a kunoichi because her parents were killed at Sekigahara fighting against the Tokugawa forces. Saizou tells her that she should give it up and live like a human. Their discussion is ended when Saizou detects and kills one of the Fuma ninja hiding in a tree.

Using their newly acquired information, one of the Iga ninja sneaks into the castle at Sunpu. He accidentally trips an alarm and he is surrounded and killed by the Fuma ninja. Before he dies, he manages to destroy his face using shuko (hand claws) so as not to be identified.

That night, Saizou and the rest of the Iga ninja retrieve the head of their compatriot. They are attacked by more Fuma ninja, but they manage to escape with the head.

Still ill, Ieyasu refuses to call his son Hidetada to Sunpu and impatiently requests the status of the Fuma investigation into the location of the Iga ninja hideout. Daijuro reports that they are still looking.

The Iga ninja again enter Ieyasu`s castle. Putting the guards to sleep, they manage to kill Ieyasu`s kagemusha (body double), but not before he sets off an alarm. The Fuma kill 4 of the 5, but they loose Saizou somewhere in the castle. Yayoi, one of Princess Sen`s retainers and niece of Chosokabe Morichika hides Saizou in her room. Saizou thanks her and tells her that she should visit the ninja to help them.

Yayoi does come to visit the Iga ninja hideout and she reveals that Ieyasu has fallen ill. She offers to watch his condition and report back to them.

Akane meets with Saizou and tends the wounds he received escaping from the Fuma ninja. She says that she has decided to heed his advice to live as a human again. She begs Saizou to love her and leave the ninja life with her.

Due to the number of times, they`ve been attacked, the Iga ninja suspect that there`s an informant among them. Some think it may be Akane, but Saizou and Yatoji doubt it. Suddenly, there`s an explosion and the entrance to their tunnel complex collapses. Yatoji is trapped, dying, on the other side of the cave-in. Saizou begins to dig at the rear of the cave and they manage to escape just before the rest of the tunnel collapses. As the Fuma ninja watch the main entrance, Saizou attacks from behind and gets away.

As the Iga ninja mourn their fallen commander, Akane comes to pay her respects. They accuse the girl of spying and when she denies it, they threaten to kill her. She escapes vowing to prove her innocence.

The Iga ninja meet with Yayoi at a temple. She tells them that Ieyasu has called for Hidetada and that the castle has taken delivery of a lot of food in order to feed his entourage. The ninja offer to escort her back to the castle, but she refuses.

The Fuma kidnap Yayoi on her return. Sagenda and Saizou find the bodies of her attendants and begin to search for her.

Saizou decides to kill Fuma Daijuro and Hidetada in order to topple the Tokugawa empire. Putting their plan into action, the three remaining Iga ninja watch as Hidetada`s entourage approach the castle. They determine that Hidetada`s palanquin is empty and they notice that the Fuma ninja are in the column carrying their spears like swords. Suddenly, there`s an explosion among the group and Akane attacks the palanquin. She tries to kill Hidetada, but the palanquin is empty. She is surrounded and taken prisoner by the enemy ninja.

Ieyasu explains his plans for after his death to his son and then dies.

Back in the Fuma camp, Dajuro orders his men to rape and kill Akane who has refused to give them any information about the location of the remaining Iga ninja. Saizou and the others come to her rescue. In the ensuing battle, Sagenta is badly injured and Kuroda is killed. Saizou, Akane and Sagenta manage to escape after catching a glimpse of Yayoi in the Fuma camp. Sagenta later dies of his wounds.

Akane reports that Ieyasu`s castle at Sunpu has denied any orders for additional food. Saizou determines that Ieyasu must be dead because the Fuma have withdrawn and the castle does not need extra food.

He sneaks into the castle and sees Princess Sen asking the priest Tenkai about the fate of Yayoi. The priest reveals that she has been working for them but they no longer need her, so he has ordered Fuma to take care of her.

Saizou tells this news to Akane and also tells her that he must kill Daijuro and then continue on to Edo to destroy the rest of the Tokugawa clan. He tells Akane to quit being a ninja and live a happy life as a human.

Saizou enters the Fuma camp and fights them – eventually killing them all. Daijuro retreats into their stronghold and blows it up. Yayoi comes out and confesses that she was a spy controlled by Tenkai as she dies.

Saizou heads to Edo to finish off the Tokugawa.

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